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This Week In Our Wrestling Heritage

17 September 1989 Death of Don Vines


18 September 1929 Birth of Norman Kenworthy


18 September 1938 Birth of Billy Robinson


18 September 1949 At the Leeds Town Hall Tag Team Wrestling was introduced. Under the rules a wrestler from one team could be replaced by his partner outside the ring on the corner by tagging him. Jim Anderson and Norman Walsh were advertised to meet Bob Silcock and Freddie Rex.


19 September 1922 Birth of Jack Cheers


19 September 1970 In Manchester Albert Wall retained the British heavyweight title against Tibor Szakacs.


19 September 2011 Death of Jack Keegan


20 September 1906 Birth of Jack Alker


20 September 1938 Birth of Ed Wensor


20 September 1958 At Newcastle two weeks after an inconclusive championship encounter Alan Colbeck (holder) beat Cliff Belshaw in a Return championship match.


20 September 2004 Death of Quasimodo


21 September 1942 Birth of Ace Allcard


22 September 2022 A Blue Plaque for Brian On Thursday a brass band assembled and began to play in Peel Square, Barnsley the start of the celebration of wrestler and actor Brian Glover who died twenty-five years ago. The ceremony ended with the unveiling of a blue plaque outside Chennell's Bar on Wellington Street. It was here that Brian filmed a documentary about the town in 1976.Organiser Ronnie Steele said that the plaque was in recognition of Brian's achievements as a teacher, actor, writer, wrestler and socialist.


23 September 1934 Birth of Dennis Dean


24 September 1927 Birth of Don Branch


24 September Birth of John Hall


24 September 1944 Birth of crusher Mason


24 September 1981 Death of Billy Torontos


24 September 1992 Death of Roy Heffernan


25 September 1961 Death of Jack Alker


26 September 1916 Birth of Billy Joyce


27 September 1913 Birth of Joe Heaton


27 September 1947 Bert Assirati defended his British heavyweight championship against Clem Lawrence at Maidsone.


27 September 1980 Mike Marino defeated Marty Jones by two falls to one to retain the British Mid Heavyweight title at the Victoria Hall in Hanley.


28 September 1954 Death of Thomas McCarty Sr


28 September 1963 Innovation Ain’t Always New Fans in the halls had been enjoying tag team wrestling for well over ten years. That was no barrier to it’s presentation as something new when it sppeared on television. This was the day that tag team wrestling came to the small screen with Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner beating Alan Colbeck and Ivan Penzecoff.


28 September 2015 Death of Axel Dieter


29 September 1963 Death of Bill Benny


29 September 1976 Death of Sheik Wadi Ayoub


29 September 1984 Marty Jones defeated challenger Chic Cullen over nine rounds at London's Royal Albert Hall to retain the British light heavyweight title.


29 September 2006 Death of Mervyn Craggs


30 September 1947 In a third contest Champion Mike Demitre knocked out Jim Anderson in Dundee to retain his European Cruiserweight title.


30 September 1969 It took eight of the fifteen rounds for Brian Maxine to take hold of Alan Serjeant's British welterweight title at Croydon's Fairfield hall.


30 September 1991 Death of Tiger Tasker


30 September 2005 Death of Bob Abott


30 September 2014 Death of Ricky Starr

27 Augu

02 September 1953 Birth of Pete Ross


02 September 1954 Death of Syd Ingleson

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