Kent Walton was never like this.

The emphasis in these reviews is to dissect and glory in the creative talents of those wrestlers concerned and to provide a retrospective detailed analysis of individual wrestlers and bouts that may be applicable to the sport in general at a wider level.

The first times these bouts aired none of us was as knowing as in these days of information superhighways.  So we unashamedly apply all the hindsight at our disposal to unravel mysteries and marvels of years gone by. Don't be surprised if a handful of our reviews are much shorter than most. This is because these are early reviews, written before we had launched the Wrestling Heritage site and developed our style and started to learn how to add photos. Faced with the option of deleting or updating those few reviews, we prefer to leave them as they are, a reminder of our earlier style and a sign of our progress.
We hope you enjoy our views!

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