Wrestling Heritage explores the men who made it all happen, the promoters.
The story of the "Men In Suits" who invested time and  money,  tributes to the "Men of Courage and Vision.
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The men in the trunks and leotards were the ones we cheered, but without those who organised the shows there would have been no wrestling.  Often criticised for making money whilst paying their workers little that was only part of the story. Read the story of the Men In Suits

1. Organising Chaos
2. 1930 - 1945
3.1946 - 1952
4. British Wrestling Federation
5. Joint Promotions
6. Wrestling Federation of GB
7. The British Wrestling Alliance
8. More Independents
9. In Praise of the Opposition
10. Years of Decline
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A more in depth look at the men who had the courage and vision to make it all happen.

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