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The background stories

​of our pro wrestling heroes.

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to enjoy more of British wrestling greats

The Golden Age when wrestling moved from country to town

G.F. DeRelwyskow

George Hackenschmidt

Harry Pennington

Ambassador main title
Stampede Days 100
Time Travel to the Golden Age
1890 - 1930 Pioneers
Masked men of Mystery 2017
On The Trail Logo

Ron Historyo tells  of wrestlers who exported British skills to the world

Tony Charles

Douglas Clark

Mitchell Gill

Ron History is on the Stampede Trail. That's Stampede wrestling in Canada.

Bill Robinson

Geoff Portz

Danny Lynch

Kendo Nagasaki

Les Thornton

The Masked men of wrestling have always aroused interest and curiosity

Top Twenty Masked Men
Who is That Masked Man?

Mask v Mask - Unmasked in Hanley

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